Man walking outside with his dog

 Looking for some simple ways to increase your activity level day-to-day?


1. Get up every half hour and move your body.

2. Park the car a little further away to give yourself the chance to walk a little bit.

3. Do some exercises during commercial breaks while watching TV.

4. Stretch every morning when you wake up.

5. Go for a walk with a friend or family member.

6. Dance to music!

7. Take the stairs.

8. Try out our Tai Chi classes on Zoom!

You can find information on our Tai Chi classes by visiting our Find a Workshop page.


These may seem like small changes, but they add up over time!


Please note, you should only perform activities that are a safe option for you.
The information provided is intended to be a resource to you, and should not replace specific recommendations and information provided by your medical doctor.